Jan 21 2022

Drama Quarterly: Room with a view

Matt Baker, the writer of BritBox series Hotel Portofino, tells DQ about the inspiration behind this picturesque period drama set on the Italian Riviera and discusses the value of remaking European dramas...

Dec 8 2021

Drama Quarterly: Top of the league

Writer Martin Ambrosch and director Andreas Prochaska take DQ into the world of The Net – Prometheus, the first in a proposed series of multi-language, interconnected stories set in the arena of international football.

Dec 1 2021

DQ: Shift work

Danish filmmaker Lone Scherfig speaks to DQ about returning to television with medical drama The Shift, which follows the staff of a busy maternity ward, and why she wrote the lead for The Killing star Sofie Gråbøl.

Nov 29 2021

DQ: Net result

The Net, a series of four interconnected stories that unfold in different countries and in different languages, is set to take viewers inside the world of football corruption. DQ finds out more...