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The Same Sky

Ordinary people living in extraordinary times.
Written and created by Paula Milne


A village on the verge of disappearance.

Maximilian and Marie de Bourgogne

A Game of Power and Love


Tormented love. Murderous rivalry. Life and death in the heart of a mountain.

The Bible

The conclusive epics of mankind!
Remastered in HD!

The Verdict

Based on Ferdinand von Schirach's TERROR

Rocco Schiavone

Snow won't cover everything


An empire built of silk, sensuality and seduction

From the creators of “Grand Hotel”.
Spectacular ratings with a market share of 24, 6 % and 4,8 million viewers.

Lost Letters Mysteries

Each letter a life. Each life a chance to be rewritten…

Created by Martha Williamson, the executive producer of ‘Touched by an Angel' and starring Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty, The O.C.), Kristin Booth (The Kennedys), Crystal Lowe (Smallville), Geoff Gustafson (Primeval: New World) and as a special guest star Carol Burnett (The Carol Burnett Show)

Secrets of the Nile

The Arabic version of the international success-series Grand Hotel.

Brock - The Anatomy of Evil

A passionate explorer of the deranged mind


Souls in Darkness

Split Homicide

Murder is never just a simple affair.


The Gentleman Detective

Money. Murder. Zurich.

Leave your integrity at the border.

False Freedom

There is no peace after war

Hunters in the Night

When the inner demons come out to play...

Partner Swap 101

You might discover that happiness lives right next door

Sand Storm

When their entire lives are shattered, two Bedouin women struggle to change the unchangeable rules, each in her own individual way.

24 weeks

Cabaret performer Astrid is six month pregnant when she learns that her unborn child will be severly disabled. She and her husband have little time to take a decision of enormous significance.

Hevn (Revenge)

Like a lone cowboy she rode into town seeking her kind of justice, and when she rides back out, she leaves behind a man and a village in chaos.

The Weather Inside

A surprising look at the business of foreign aid work with a powerful performance by Maria Furtwängler and the support of Jim Broadbent.

Look Who's Back

Based on Timur Vermes‘ bestselling novel, published in more than 40 countries. #1 on The Times bestseller list.

Welcome to Norway

A comedy about a racist and broke hotel owner who starts a refugee reception center at the family‘s mountain resort in order to save their business.

Rico, Oskar and the Broken Hearted

Based on the best-selling children's book


A fantasy Christmas fairy tale about courage, friendship, and the search for belonging.


This unique music series for 6-7 year old kids builds up a conscious sense for music and increasing listening awareness while stimulating the desire to perform and create music.

Summer With Dad

It's never too late for a father and son to get to know each other

Sol Soon Six

Sol is independent. Living with her mother and her older brother, the kids rarely see their Dad. Sol, who is already like a “little adult,” simply handles things in a way to cover up that her mother doesn't pay quite as much attention to her needs as the other parents in the kindergarten.

With this series we want to portray children who struggle with everyday life, and reflect how they handle their lack of parental care.

Raven, the little Rascal

A Hero Like No Other


Based on the illustrations and stories by multi-awarded Sieb Posthuma

Tilda Appleseed

Big and small adventures of a little white church mouse.