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The Rheinbergs

Title: The Rheinbergs
Format: 21 x one hour
Starring: Roland Koch
Gerlinde Locker
Angela Roy
Susanne Schäfer
Johannes Zirner
Michael Brandner
Peter Kremer
Directed by: Christine Kabisch
Produced by: Produced by Tivoli Film in Co-Production with Lisa Film for ARD and ORF in association with Beta
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The Rheinbergs

Banking is their trade. Power is their goal. Love is their weakness.

Some families are united by love, others by tragedy or strokes of fate. And then there are families like the Rheinbergs, united by boundless ambition, ruthless power and fabulous wealth. To the owners of the distinguished, gold-class Rheinberg Bank, feelings aren't important where money is involved - and love isn't worth a cent if power is at stake.

The Rheinbergs are a pillar of Frankfurt society, their bank a respected institution, their family estate a magnificent stud farm. Holding the reins of the family empire is matriarch Lilo von Rheinberg, determined to rule over her family till her parting breath. Yet her power pales in comparison with that of her son Markus, the dashing but unscrupulous head of the family bank. His beautiful and elegant wife Sophia exerts a stabilizing influence on him and their three grown children: Frank, a budding bank executive in love with Grace, a district attorney; Elena, a horse specialist; and Marietta, the spoiled child who always gets what she wants from people - especially from her grandmother...

Trouble enters the family in the form of Mona Sailer and her daughter Ariane. Mona is Markus von Rheinberg's sister, who turned her back on her family 30 years ago and raised her daughter alone in Spain. But after discovering her true origins, Ariane vows to claim her share of the family's fortunes - which also means navigating the treacherous waters of her family's established power structures. Mona returns to the family fold only to stand by her daughter, even though she hardly has to: Ariane has all the brains and cunning of a Rheinberg.

Yet Mona and Ariane are the least of the Rheinbergs' current problems. Commerce Senator Blessmann vows to avenge himself on the family for the death of his father, the Rheinbergs' trusted assistant and right-hand man. Then the mysterious demise of a prostitute threatens to cast a shameful light on Markus von Rheinberg and his brother-in-law, and even to tear the family apart when District Attorney Grace, Frank von Rheinberg's girlfriend, begins to investigate...

Dark secrets from the family's past are brought to light by various victims of the mighty Rheinbergs. And new assaults on the family's wealth and standing are undertaken by others, who covet the family's immense fortune. But as these ordeals and the international financial crisis threaten to destroy the family and its business, the Rheinbergs realize that they can only successfully face new challenges, both global and local, if they overcome their differences and work together - perhaps the biggest challenge of all.