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Rex, a Cop's Best Friend

Title: Rex, a Cop's Best Friend
Format: 179 x one hour, HD
Starring: Ettore Bassi
Kaspar Capparoni
Alexander Pschill
Elke Winkens
Gedeon Burkhard
Tobias Moretti (THE DARK VALLEY)
Directed by: Hajo Gies
Detlef Rönfeldt
Oliver Hirschbiegel (DOWNFALL)
Wolfgang Dickmann
Hans Werner
Produced by: Seasons I-VIII produced by mungo-film for SAT.1 in association with Beta
New Seasons XIX –XIV produced by Beta for RAI and ORF
Season 9-11 
Season 1-6 

Rex, a Cop's Best Friend

He's smart. He's sexy. He's a perfect match for Rex!

New seasons of the most beloved police dog in the world!

Rex is back for an incredible 14th season - now with a new inspector and cases that rely on his intelligence and instincts more than ever. The new human in Rex's life is Davide Rivera, who quickly develops a strong bond with the police dog. The feeling is mutual, and Rex immediately loses his heart to the modest, quiet, yoga-practicing Davide, an extremely determined but self-possessed man who rarely raises his voice and prefers analysis to actionism. Davide can out-stare the smuggest criminal and pluck apart the most elaborate alibis with his razor-sharp mind. And when he's out tracking down criminals, he never fails to let Rex share in the search, since he's absolutely convinced that Rex's help is indispensable to him and his cases.

Inspector Rivera slips into an easygoing rapport not only with his canine buddy, but also with his new colleagues at police headquarters, just a stone's throw from the imposing Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican. Chief Inspector Gori heads the team with a paternal hand; Forensics Inspector Katia Martelli still mourns the loss of Davide's predecessor; and Inspector Monterosso becomes Davide's friend and right-hand man. The cases take Rex and Davide clear across the whole spectrum of Roman society, from a wealthy industrialist killed by rapacious relatives to a real-estate fraud with deadly consequences; and from a prominent lawyer who kills his wife before she can expose his corrupt dealings to a widow whose husband died in Afghanistan – but who enjoys the protection of a murderous “guardian angel”...