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MIPJunior 2017

Allround Champion

You can accomplish almost everything and become an Allround Champion

The Day My Father Became A Bush

Based on the international bestseller by award-winning author Joke van Leeuwen.


The last chance to get it right!

The Legend of Timm Thaler or the Boy who sold his Laughter

Based on the Young Adult Fiction by James Krüss.

My Best Friend Marlon

If you had to fly to the moon and could only take one person, who would you choose?


Nothing can stop her.

Raven, the little Rascal

A Hero Like No Other


Based on the illustrations and stories by multi-awarded Sieb Posthuma


A fantasy Christmas fairy tale about courage, friendship, and the search for belonging.

Sol Soon Six

Sol is independent. Living with her mother and her older brother, the kids rarely see their Dad. Sol, who is already like a “little adult,” simply handles things in a way to cover up that her mother doesn't pay quite as much attention to her needs as the other parents in the kindergarten.

With this series we want to portray children who struggle with everyday life, and reflect how they handle their lack of parental care.


This unique music series for 6-7 year old kids builds up a conscious sense for music and increasing listening awareness while stimulating the desire to perform and create music.

3 Friends

Two's company, three's a party!


Be careful what you wish for

Young Girls

A web-format for every day and every platform, happening here and now