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30 Degrees in February

There are stories that need to be told.

One of the biggest audience and critical successes of these times in Scandinavia


The good, the bad and the hungry
Created and written by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem & Pierre De Clercq

The Border

In a world divided by fear, they hold the line...


The other side of crime

Starring David Sutcliffe (Private Practice, Gilmore Girls) and Brooke Nevin (Chicago Fire), and created by Tracey Forbes (Flashpoint)

Deja Vu

New friends, a new love, and new time-travel adventures in Europe and Asia!

The Embassy

A life of wealth, glamour - and corruption.

From the creators of GRAND HOTEL and VELVET


The last chance to get it right!

For Heaven's Sake

And they thought they were going to Rome just to see the Pope

Game On!

To do:
1) Create the best game in the world.
2) Re-invent an empire.
3) Grow up.

Grand Hotel

Every room has its secrets

Homicide Hills

Even the outback deserve a bit of crime

The Investigators

The closest you can get without getting hurt


A woman. A cop. The King of the force

Lenssen & Partners

Search for the truth with real-life private eyes

Palermo Connection

Rivers of Blood and Money

Professor T.

Murder and Crime in Flanders - the iconic lead.
From the producers, of the international successful series SALAMANDER.

Rex, a Cop's Best Friend

He's smart. He's sexy. He's a perfect match for Rex!

New seasons of the most beloved police dog in the world!

Rex - Special Unit


Rocco Schiavone

Snow won't cover everything


The sprawling saga of a woman who fights for her freedom


Everyone has secrets. But these can bring down a nation...


This unique music series for 6-7 year old kids builds up a conscious sense for music and increasing listening awareness while stimulating the desire to perform and create music.


An empire built of silk, sensuality and seduction

From the creators of “Grand Hotel”.
Spectacular ratings with a market share of 24, 6 % and 4,8 million viewers.

The Verdict

Based on Ferdinand von Schirach's TERROR


New chapters. New characters. New stakes.