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The Hunter

Title: The Hunter
Format: 12 x one hour, HD
Starring: Francesco Montanari
Miriam Dalmazio
David Coco
Roberta Caronia
Paolo Briguglia
Dario Aita
Francesco Foti
Giulio Beranek
Claudio Castrogiovanni
Directed by: Stefano Lodovichi
Davide Marengo
Produced by: Cross Productions and Beta Film in collaboration with Rai Fiction

The Hunter

Once upon a time in Sicily – a true story.

Palermo, 1993. After decades of bloodshed and government officials mostly treading the water with street-level arrests, it is time to go after the bosses. Palermo's streets are soaked in blood as a war between two mafia clans claims the life of criminals as well as the innocent. Two rivaling bosses are fighting for dominance while facing the now rising pressure of the law. In the eye of this storm is Saverio Barone, a young and ambitious provincial prosecutor who has the guts to stand up for what's right. When he dares to report his own boss, most of his colleagues disapprove. The chief of Palermo's Antimafia Pool though takes notice and appoints him to his unit. Barone is uniquely equipped for the job, with a distinct set of skills that will make him go down in history as “The Hunter;” and thanks to a succession of brilliant hunches, spectacular raids and front-page arrests, three hundred Mafiosi will be taken into custody. This is the incredible and untold story of the “hunting season” of the 1990s.