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The Boy Who Wants to Live

Title: The Boy Who Wants to Live
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Nama Traore
Jesper Christensen (QUANTUM OF SOLACE)
Milan Peschel
Alwara Höfels
Karoline Eichhorn
Bettina Stucky
Directed by: Feo Aladag
Produced by: Independent Artists Filmproduktion for ZDF
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The Boy Who Wants to Live

Nama, a teen from Mali, has crossed desert and sea for the freedom his mother wanted for him. Alone and underaged, he can only hope that the authorities won't send him back to Africa. For the moment, however, Nama finds himself facing the accusations of a furious senior citizen, Willi, from whom Nama stole a pair of gloves. When Nama is injured in a fight, Willi's heart of stone turns soft. They move into the house Willi used to share with his son Stefan. Father and son have hardly spoken a word to each other for years – a family tragedy still weighing heavily on their minds, standing between them. The three men may have little in common, yet what binds them together is their search for a home where their wounds from present and past can heal.

Inspired by the true story of young Malinese amateur actor Nama Traore, acclaimed director Feo Aladag (WHEN WE LEAVE, INBETWEEN WORLDS) and her excellent cast including Jesper Christensen (CASINO ROYALE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, SPECTRE, THE LEGACY, THE KING'S CHOICE) and Milan Peschel (OPEN THE WALL, STOPPED ON TRACK, BROTHERHOOD) bring a universal story of trust, friendship and forgiveness to the small screen.