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Murder by the Lake

Title: Murder by the Lake
Format: 10 x two hours, HD
Starring: Matthias Koeberlin
Nora Waldstätten
Hary Prinz
Inez Björg David
Stefan Pohl
Directed by: Andreas Linke
Hannu Salonen
Produced by: Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion
in co-production with Graf
Filmproduktion, ZDF and ORF
Movie Cycle 
The Celtic Mystery 
Family Issues 
The Sleepwalker 
Till Death Do Them Part 

Murder by the Lake

Borders won't stop the blood

With three nations – Germany, Switzerland and Austria – sharing its shores, Lake Constance inevitably has stories to tell; of hidden secrets under water, of people who've disappeared in the darkest night, of mysteries haunting the depths and occasionally spilling out onto the surface – and of gruesome murders only mentioned in a whisper…

This, then, is the workplace of German homicide inspector Micha Oberländer and his Austrian partner Hannah Zeiler. Distant and aloof towards those around her, Hannah hides a secret or two from her own childhood. Contrary to Hannah and her brilliant mind – some speak of mild autism – , Micha sees things pragmatically because it's the only way he can.

Zipping across the stunning landscapes rich in color – and crime – they squabble over medieval masks, a young bride murdered in her wedding dress, a sleepwalking child that might really just be walking. These are just some of the cases this unlikely couple will be working relentlessly to solve. After all, Hannah and Micha enjoy each other's company more than they would like to admit…


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