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Title: Hassel
Format: 10 x one hour, HD
Starring: Ola Rapace (JAMES BOND 007 - SKYFALL, WALLANDER)
Aliette Opheim
Wilma Liden
Shanti Roney
Ana Gil
Nanna Blondell
Directed by: Amir Chamdin
Erik Egler
Eshref Reybrouck
Produced by: Nice Drama in coproduction with Viaplay, Beta Film and Lunanime
Episode 1 
Episode 2 


Out in the streets - into the darkness

He is a rough cop who's not afraid to use more than just unconventional means to get results: Hassel is a street-smart detective leading an organized crime task force in Stockholm. But when his father figure and mentor Ruda is brutally murdered, Hassel hits rock bottom. While Internal Affairs is looking at them for the murder, Hassel and his colleagues set out to find the killer on their own. As they dig deeper, sorted evidence comes to light and the image Hassel had of his mentor's life starts to fall apart – just as his own personal life is crumbling. Hassel becomes increasingly obsessed with the case, affecting his family as well - his girlfriend Daniela and his 14-year-old step daughter Vida. Soon enough, the evidence leads away from seedy back alleys through the command chain of the department and even up to the halls of power in Stockholm and Brussels…