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Format: 24 x 25 minutes, HD
Starring: Yusuf Celik
Junis Marlon
Philipp Julio von Schade
Klaus Bobach Rios
Arton Novobrdaljija
Janne Drücker
Andreas Leopold Schadt
Directed by: Niklas Weise
Christof Pilsl
Produced by: A co-production of Bayerischer Rundfunk and TV60Filmproduktion
Episode 1 
Episode 5 
Episode 10 


The last chance to get it right!

+++ Otis is unable to control his aggressions but the most kind-hearted person in the world +++ Lennox wants to protect the only person he still has – at all cost +++ Malte, a nerdy couch potato and gone whenever a problem shows up +++ Jonas is bossy and won't show any sign of weakness if he can help it +++ Tschakko is all bark and sometimes quite a bite
They all have made choices which have sent them down the wrong path. The courts have given them one last chance: get with the program or go to juvie. From the city streets to the rural mountainside, these kids are facing something entirely new - a daily routine, physical work, no cell phones, and someone challenging their habits with kindness. Finding a new perspective on life is the goal they have to reach before it's too late. But there is much more to be found! Featuring a cast which is as real as it gets, having lived through rough times themselves.